What sets us Apart?

Our firm’s success in helping clients realize financial security is based on three basic principles

  1. We take our fiduciary duty to clients very seriously. We help them make decisions to their benefit – not ours.

  2. Clients should be personally committed to following their own financial plan that includes managing savings and investments.

  3. We believe in educating our clients on different types of investments, so they fully understand what is being recommended for them and can make informed decisions.

You are our most Important Asset

Each of our clients has individual personal and financial needs and goals; we listen to each and customize our investment advice accordingly. Some have substantial savings and investments. Other clients need to save and invest more income from their jobs or businesses in order to reach a secure retirement position.

We’re large enough to accomplish all a client’s financial objectives, but small enough to know everyone personally. Our investors gather regularly over dinner to listen to our ideas and discuss the quality of our service with each other. We excel in providing investment guidance to people interested in achieving financial independence, making profitable investments in stocks, IRA's and apartment buildings.

With our guidance, you can also learn to manage your own stock portfolio, evaluate, purchase and manage real estate, as well as other types of businesses.