What We offer You

Investment & Retirement Counseling

When we meet with our clients, we work on ensuring they are aware of and in control of their financial future. We help them determine how much they should save and invest so they can retire as they wish. We summarize their income streams in retirement and present them in a coherent, concise format that enables easy decision making. After assessing the financial picture, our clients can easily estimate how much longer, if at all, they may need to continue working.

A properly designed and maintained financial plan can ensure that you don't outlive your money.

Customized Portfolios, unique to you

There are several advantages to having a customized investment portfolio, sometimes referred to as Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). These include:

  1. Properly diversified and weighted in 23 US based stock industries.

  2. Risk is tailored to each client's specific needs (some clients may have some corporate bond exposure).

  3. Substantial tax benefits available, such as capital loss harvesting, deferred capital gains and forgiveness of tax upon death, and holding dividend paying stocks in IRAs or other tax-deferred accounts.

  4. No two client portfolios are invested in the same way.

  5. Monthly monitoring to ensure your portfolio stays properly balanced.

  6. Trading is not done based on emotion but rather for 3 reasons:

      • to capture losses in non-IRA accounts,

      • to re-allocate over-weighted industries, or

      • to adjust to desired risk level.

We rarely recommend mutual funds or annuities for our clients.

Our fees are based on the value of your portfolio; a single client family may have multiple accounts but are viewed as one portfolio. In addition to brokerage type accounts, we also manage tax-deferred IRA, Roth, 401(k), 403(b), SEP and Keough accounts.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Certified Public Accountants, from Ryan McNeilly & Associates, CPAs, collaborate with INVESCO, LLC, and are available to help our clients plan their financial decisions to minimize taxes (such as deciding how large an IRA distribution to take).

In addition to INVESCO, LLC clients, Ryan McNeilly & Associates' services are available to the general public. Their CPAs file returns for individuals, businesses, estates and non-profit organizations. Our expertise ensures that you minimize your tax burden.

Visit Client Center for our tax portal to conveniently and securely send documents.

Estate Planning

Many of our clients have taken advantage of our professional estate planning services to help them decide whether they need a will, living trust, healthcare power of attorney or family limited partnership. We strive to have client families avoid financial disagreements and hardships upon death, minimize estate tax, and name a legal guardian in case of incompetence.

We have many years experience in arranging for the disposition and management of clients' estates, implementing all of the necessary documents, transferring property titles and financial account registrations.