Customized Investment Portfolios

Separately Managed Accounts

Customized investment portfolios, sometimes referred to as Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s), can yield very attractive returns for clients and outperform the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 Index. There are several advantages of having a separately managed investment account. These include:

    1. Maximum diversification with 21 stocks.

    2. Risk is tailored to each client’s specific needs.

    3. Substantial tax benefits available, such as capital losses, deferred capital gains and forgiveness of tax upon death.

We rarely recommend mutual funds and annuities for the following reasons:

    1. Mutual Funds have a very poor history of promoting their investors’ interests; hence low rates of return.

    2. Mutual Fund and Annuity fees are unacceptably high; especially costs they do not report.

    3. Funds are not customized to meet client objectives.

    4. Funds cannot pass through capital losses to minimize taxes paid by Fundholders .

Unlike other investment “advisors” and stockbrokers with high costs for trading, overhead and sales, our fees are low and based on the value of our clients’ investment portfolios. Schwab Institutional, a division of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. is a leading provider of custodial, operational and trading support for independent investment advisors. Since 1987, Schwab Institutional has supported independent investment advisors by offering support and services to help grow their businesses and help their clients. Working with Schwab enables INVESCO, LLC to provide a wide range of products and support to help investors reach their financial goals.

We also manage tax-deferred IRA, Roth, 401(k), 403(b), SEP and Keough accounts, using a diversified approach to meet client investment objectives and risk levels. Fees for these accounts are even lower than taxable investment portfolios.