Road to Wealth Video Series

As part of INVESCO LLC’s commitment to educating people on personal financial management and investing, we offer our complimentary digital video series “Road to Wealth” for your viewing, presented by our founder, Myron J. Gayloard.

The series is based on a 114 page book and 151 pages of class notes. The course package complements the video series and makes it easier to follow and understand the topics presented. If you would like a course package, please send $49.95 to the address below to cover material and delivery costs:


ATTN: Course Materials, 1295 Rand Road, Des Plaines, IL 60016

"Welcome to the Road to Wealth. Your path to Financial Independence!"

- Myron J. Gaylord

001 Road to Wealth Introduction

002 Social Security and Your Retirement

003 Mutual Funds

per Wilkinson

004 Mutual Funds

per Ric Edelman

005 Retirement Examples

006 Financial Planning

007 Foreclosures; Why Listen; Balance Sheets

008 Income Statement

009 Savings Summary, Expense Summary, Long Range Financial Goals

010 Credit Default Swaps and Other Articles

011 Financial Planning, Net Preset Values

012 Risk vs Return

013 Risk vs Return, Primary Investments

014 Wealth Review

015 Inflation

016 Buy High Sell Low

017 Tax Shelters

018 Leverage

019 Investing vs Speculating

020 Education as an Investment Part 1

021 Education as an Investment Part 2

022 Publicly Traded Stocks & Bonds, Stock Brokers, Short Selling, Hidden Commissions

023 Insider Trading; Buy Sell Recommendations

024 Broker Misdeeds

025 Financial Pages

026 Stock Information and Investing; Abbott Labs Example

027 IRAs Not Good; ANDEX Stock Market History

028 How to Pick Stocks Part 1

029 How to Pick Stocks Part 2

030 Real Estate Part 1

031 Real Estate Part 2

032 Real Estate Part 3

033 Real Estate Part 4

034 Annuities, Services Available; Insurance Part 1

035 Insurance Part 2

036 Insurance Part 3

037 Insurance Part 4 Your Own Business

038 Estate Planning Introduction Family Limited Partnerships and Wills

039 Holding Assets Individual, Partnerships, LLCs and Corporations

040 Advantages of Living Trusts

041 Estate Planning, Conclusion